A Message of Hope

As we close our eyes for the evening, I have a favor to ask.

While we are all dealing with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in our own personal and/or collective ways, please know that some families are also contending with some extremely challenging medical situations.

While there are countless number of prayers and well wishes abound, far and wide, can you please include a message of hope in the coming days?

Please help keep the flame lit so that the ray of hope touches as many lives as possible, especially for those whose life journeys may be on a shorter timeline.

I share this message as a reminder that while it is essential to focus a lot of attention on the current pandemic involving COVID-19, please remember that there are many who are contending with life altering events even in the absence of the coronavirus.

As Melanie and I always used to say, with each new day, there is HOPE that someone may discover a new treatment regimen. I’d like to modify one of our daily matras to:

With each new day, let there be HOPE!!!

Comforting hugs to one and all!!!

Always and Forever ❤️❤️❤️

~D. Toru White~

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