The Journey Continues

Melanie, the love of my life for 30 years, would always encourage me to continue to embrace life to the fullest, one day at a time, after her life journey came to an end.  She would also tell me to be sure to find that “special” someone to continue sharing my life journey with.  During our daily outings which included five mile “walks” although she was confined to a wheelchair, she would often say, “when you find that someone special, don’t be surprised if you hear me say ‘boo!'”.  Mel always had a very witty sense of humor even as we faced, what I personally believe to be, one of life’s greatest challenges.

Based upon all of my personal experiences with having cared for terminally-ill loved ones, I firmly believe that having open conversations is extremely important.  Openly conversing is one form of actively communicating with a TiLO and should be a two-way form of communication.

We found it very beneficial to be able to share openly with one another as it relieved a great deal of stress; enabled us to talk about concerns, fears and anxieties; and, just as important, provided each of my loved ones the opportunity to still feel proactively engaged in life instead of sitting idle and waiting for their life to end.  Even when their respective conditions changed and they were unable to converse, I would sit by their side and talk about the day, being sure to greet them as if they were awake and alert every time I entered the room.

Now, seven short years after Mel’s sweet, angelic voice fell silent to my ears, I still continue communicating with her as I make my way back from what I refer to as life’s journeys edge, a journey that I have made six times after having cared for my TiLOs.

I have learned over the years that finding a creative outlet to communicate with Mel as well as my other loved ones has proven to be a very effective salve for healing my heart and soul.

I hope that the following will prove to be helpful in assisting and encouraging those who are dealing with a terminal illness, caring for or having cared for a TiLO to find a voice.

The journey continues…

As always, great big hugs to one and all!!!

~D. Toru White~


A Life Rededication
By D. Toru White

Dare to dream,
Dare to embrace new things,
Dare to move forward,
Dare to step into each new day,
Dare to overcome,
Dare to realize new adventures,
Dare to love unconditionally,
Dare to engage with others,
Dare to challenge my fears,
Dare to share,
Dare to reach for the stars,
Dare to achieve,
Dare to be me.

Mel, as you can see, seven years later I am still learning as I make my way back from life’s journeys edge.

Even in your absence, i am inspired by all that we shared as I am reminded of the most basic tenet that you and I devised over the years of our shared journey…”Life is a gift, do something!”

Great big Heavenly loving hugs to you, Melanie Ann White! ❤️❤️❤️ Always and Forever ❤️❤️❤️

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